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Food additives are not equal to illegal additives


Most people have a bad impression when talking about food additives. This is because people confuse the concept of illegal additives and food additives, and all the bad effects of illegal additives on people are generalized. The food additives are harmful to the human body. The Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Strictly Fighting the Illegal Addition of Food and Strengthening the Supervision of Food Additives requires strict regulation of the production and use of food additives: the use of non-edible substances for the production of compound food additives is strictly prohibited, and the purchase of products with unstandardized labels and unknown sources is prohibited 1. Food additives with incorrect materials shall be strictly investigated and dealt with abuse of food additives such as over-range and over-limit. At the same time, it is required to formulate and publish general safety standards for compound food additives and food additive labeling standards by the end of 2011.

      Experts remind the public that there is no need to overly resist food additives. As the country attaches great importance and attention to food additives, relevant standard documents on food additives are also constantly being introduced, and the production and use of food additives will surely be more safe and standardized. Of course, people should also strengthen their awareness of self-protection and learn more about food safety. In particular, they should not buy foods that are too bright in color, too thick in taste, and unusual in taste.main function