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Misunderstandings about the use of food additives


Another major factor causing confusion in the food additive industry is the misunderstanding of the use of food additives by food additive production and use companies.

At present, many users of food additive production mistakenly believe that the use of food additives as long as they are guaranteed to be added in accordance with the corresponding scope of use and usage in GB 2760 and other standard announcements, everything is fine, this understanding is too one-sided.

For example, in the hotly discussed incident of "adding pork king king to braised pork", at first glance the product ingredients of king king pork king are mainly composed of methylcyclopentenol and ethyl maltol It belongs to food spices approved for use in China. However, in terms of the cooking process of braised pork, if the enterprise purchases qualified meat that fully meets the production requirements, in general, there is no need for flavoring, that is, there is no technical necessity of using food spices, it should be as little as possible Used or not. If the company purchases unqualified meat and uses masking and other means to cover up the defect of lacking the aroma of the original meat, it is even more in violation of the food additives "should not cover up the food spoilage", "should not cover up the food itself or processing The principle of using food additives during quality defects in the process. What's more, some unscrupulous merchants deceive consumers by adding beef flavors to change from "chicken" to "beef" because food flavors are not allowed in meat products other than raw and fresh meat. The use of food flavors for the purpose of forgery shall be severely punished according to law.

As another example, in the GB 2760-2011 standard, food additives such as sodium tripolyphosphate and other phosphates are allowed to be used in compound seasonings. The main function of the tripolyphosphate is moisture retention agent, if it is used in compound seasonings The main purpose is for the downstream industry to play a role in water retention during meat marinating and seasoning, then it should be considered that tripolyphosphate does not act as a food additive for the solid seasoning product itself, and there is no need to use the seasoning product , Should be removed from the formula.

Therefore, the production of food additives and users must strictly grasp and correctly understand the principles of using food additives, in-depth understanding of the characteristics of allowed food additives, combined with the technological needs of their own products, and never use food additives that are not technically necessary.