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The difference between perfume and fragrance?


Simply put, fragrance is an important material for perfumes. For perfumes, fragrance is essential. Therefore, the relationship between the two is relatively close, but they are not the same kind of objects. In addition to making perfume, fragrance can also make other things. Perfume is a finished product, and fragrance is a raw material, so the range of raw materials that can be used is relatively wide.

Essence is an important raw material for making perfume. Popularly speaking, the relationship between the two is like the relationship between alcohol and wine. Most of the fragrances in the market are from ancient Egypt, and 80% of the fragrances produced in Egypt are exported to France for the manufacture of perfumes in France. It can be said that without Egyptian fragrances as raw materials, French perfumes are likely to be less fragrant and famous.

Parfum: Distilled water 0-5%, alcohol 80%, concentration 15 ~ 25%, aroma lasts 5-7 hours, suitable for night out, banquet and formal occasions.Perfume (eau de Parfum): Distilled water 5-10% 80% alcohol concentration 10-15%, the fragrance lasts about 5 hours, suitable for daytime banquets or going out.

Expanding information:

Fragrance is a raw material that gives a certain fragrance to cosmetics. It is one of the key raw materials in the manufacturing process. Fragrance selection is used properly, not only loved by consumers, but also masks certain unpleasant odors in the product medium. Essence is a mixture of various spices, and has a certain type of aroma, that is, fragrance type. When adding fragrance to cosmetics, in addition to selecting the appropriate fragrance type, it is also necessary to consider whether the selected fragrance has any effect on product quality and use effect. Therefore, different products have different requirements for perfuming.

Perfume is an alcoholic solution of essences, plus an appropriate amount of fragrance. It has a fragrant and rich aroma, and its main function is to spray on the body, handkerchief and hairline, etc., to radiate a pleasant aroma and is one of the important cosmetics. The amount of fragrance in the perfume is high, generally 15% ~ 25%, the ethanol concentration is 75% ~ 85%, and adding 5% water can make the fragrance transparent. Alcohol has a great influence on perfume, toilet water and other products, and must not have a slight smell.


Especially perfume, otherwise it will cause serious damage to aroma. Therefore, the alcohol used in perfume must be refined. The method is as follows: 1. Add 0.02% ~ 0.05% potassium permanganate to ethanol, stir vigorously, and bubbling through the air, if there is a brown precipitate of fierce dioxide, remove it by static filtration Distilled for use. 2. Add 1 ~ 2 drops of 30% hydrogen peroxide per liter of ethanol and store at 25 ~ 30 degrees Celsius for several days. Add 1% activated carbon to daily ethanol and stir it several times a day. After a few days, filter it for use.