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What is the difference between steam turbine oil and hydraulic oil


Steam turbine oil is used in the lubrication system of steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, generator bearings, and other mechanical equipment in power plants, ships, and other industries; hydraulic oil is mainly used for various types of oil that do not have special requirements for lubricants, and the ambient temperature is above 0 Lubrication of machine tool bearing boxes, gear boxes, low-pressure circulation systems or similar mechanical equipment circulation systems.

Engine oil, that is, engine lubricating oil, can play the role of lubricating and reducing friction, assisting cooling and cooling, sealing and leak-proof, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, shock absorption and so on. Known as the "blood" of cars.

Motor oils currently on the market are composed of base oils and motor oil additives. Base oils are the main components of motor oils, and can be divided into minerals, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic motor oils according to their composition. Mineral engine oil refers to automobile lubricating oil obtained by adding a certain proportion of additives to petroleum-refined oil. Synthetic motor oil refers to the oil that people use chemical methods to synthesize. It is essentially different from mineral oil. Because it is artificially synthesized, it can synthesize the most suitable components for engine working conditions according to needs, so its performance is the best and the lubrication effect The best and longer life.