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How much does car oil filling do not hurt the car?


After we finish the motor oil replacement and maintenance, careful car owners will find that the motor oil filling amount will occasionally be inaccurate, but this situation rarely occurs in 4S stores, because they are fixed models, such as 4 liters or 5 liters,especially experienced workers do not need to look at the dipstick at all.So how do we judge too much or too little?

At this time, we can check the liquid level through the oil dipstick. The lower end of the ruler has a minimum and maximum limit. The liquid level is the most suitable between the two, but the vehicle must be parked on a flat road and the vehicle is turned off It is the most accurate to check again in the next five minutes.

(1) The harm of too little motor oil


If the amount of oil is lower than the lower limit, the engine running parts cannot establish the necessary oil film, which will cause severe wear between the parts. In the case of a serious shortage of motor oil, the motor oil pump cannot suck the oil in the oil pan, which means that the engine is about to be scrapped. But this situation is not uncommon unless you are a novice who does not understand cars, because when the motor oil pressure is low, the alarm light will light up.

 motor oil

(2) What are the hazards of excessive oil?


If the crankshaft is immersed in the engine motor oil after adding more, it will be very laborious to run. At this time, the fuel consumption will definitely increase, and the engine will produce a sound of acceleration and weak sound. Part of the engine oil vapor will also burn into the combustion chamber and even damage the three-way catalyst.

If the motor oil exceeds the upper limit of the ruler, and there is still gasoline smell. This means that the engine has failed.


Regardless of whether the motor oil is added more or less, if it is similar to the standard, you can drive to the repair shop for a short distance, but you should always pay attention to whether the oil alarm light is on. If an alarm signal is issued, you must stop and wait for rescue. If it is too little, we can add it by ourselves in an emergency, and find out the reason after going to the repair station.