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What are the requirements of feed additives?


Feed additives are added ingredients of the basic diet. Their functions are to improve the nutrition of feed, improve feed utilization efficiency, promote livestock and poultry production and prevent diseases, reduce the nutritional loss of feed during storage and improve the quality of livestock and poultry products. Common feed additives include amino acid additives, antibacterial and growth-promoting pharmaceutical additives, green feed additives (such as enzyme preparations, oligosaccharides, Chinese herbal medicines, probiotics and other feed additives), etc.


Feed additives should generally meet the following requirements:

 Feed additive

1. When used, it should not produce acute and chronic toxic and adverse effects on livestock and poultry, and can not cause reproductive physiology changes to breed livestock and poultry, which will affect the fetus;


2. There must be real economic benefits and production effects;


3. It has good stability in feed and livestock;


4. Does not affect the feed intake of livestock and poultry;


5. The amount of residues in animal products cannot exceed the prescribed standards, and cannot affect the quality and human health of animal products.