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The application of natural food sweeteners in sugar-free foods has become a big trend


Regarding how to balance consumers' pursuit of sweetness and health, a related person in charge said in a telephone interview that food sweeteners will have a good development trend in the future. "Natural food sweeteners have a sweetness similar to sucrose, but without the calories of sucrose, it will not cause human blood sugar to rise, and will not form dental caries. And some sweeteners have a protective effect on teeth, such as erythrosus Sugar alcohols, etc., can inhibit the formation of plaque."

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"At present, food sweeteners are used in beverages, dairy products, candy, health foods and casual snacks. Sweeteners are similar to sucrose in taste and can replace sucrose in a large proportion in many fields.Especially in beverages, the proportion of sugar-free beverages in developed countries such as Europe and the United States can reach more than 30%, while the domestic proportion is still very low, and there is much room for development in the future. In addition, in the field of confectionery, it has become a trend to replace sucrose with sweeteners in chewing gum and throat lozenges. The proportion of chewing gum in sugar-free products abroad can reach more than 90%. Therefore, in most types of food, sweeteners or compound sweeteners can completely replace sucrose. As people's health awareness increases, the health problems caused by high-sugar foods are gradually recognized by consumers. The use of sweeteners to replace sucrose has become a recognized sugar reduction program in various food industries.In the past two years, there will be more new products in domestic sugar-free foods that will be brought to market quickly. “Said the person in charge.