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Distinguish between motorcycle engine oil and automobile engine oil


On the outer packaging of all regular motor oils, you must see some logos such as MB, MA, MA2. What is this for? This is a standard formulated by the Japanese Engine Organization in 1999 and specifically implemented in 2001. This is the mark that distinguishes motorcycle oil from automobile oil.

If the MB logo is printed on the outer packaging of the engine oil, you can basically assume that this is automobile oil; if the MA and MA2 logos are printed, then this is motorcycle oil. So why is there a difference between MA and MA2? In 2006, Castrol updated this standard again, you can simply understand it as a large-displacement motorcycle (in the traditional sense, we believe that 600cc is a boundary between small and medium-displacement and large-displacement). It is best to pass the MA2 certification The oil is finished.

Of course, there are exceptions, such as the turbocharged engine oil I mentioned earlier, and some old motorcycles with separate engines and gearboxes. To deduct a question, the overall conclusion is "it is better not to use motor oil instead of motorcycle oil". The best situation is: if you want your motorcycle to exert the highest performance and extend the service life, don't use automobile oil for individuality, honest and practical motorcycle oil! Of course, you are willing to believe that some old car repairers who have no theoretical basis and only rely on the so-called experience and feelings will only wish you good luck. To put it more, some people who repair cars even know what other finger touches the engine oil to know whether to change or not...

Although the technical content of motor oil is generally higher than that of automobiles, the prices of the two are not so far off, or even almost the same. Therefore, I still recommend that motorcycles be honest and practical motorcycle oil.

Here I will talk about the oil change cycle. The oil change cycle is the same as the car. It is not that the less the mileage is, the shorter the time is. The better. There is also a running-in process for the engine oil. As long as you use genuine engine oil, mineral oil can be changed once every 2,000 or 3,000 kilometers, and it can be changed to 5,000 kilometers or 8,000 kilometers of fully synthetic oil. It depends on your environment, frequency, and habits.