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The Effects And Functions Of Soya Lecithin

The effects and functions of soybean lecithin mainly include effectively promoting cell activation, improving brain function, delaying aging, lowering cholesterol, protecting the liver, and enhancing anti-oxidation.
Soybean lecithin contains lecithin, phosphatidic acid, cardiolipin, cephalin and phosphatidylglycerol, etc. It is a kind of health care product that many elderly people particularly like. Its main ingredient is lecithin. Lecithin can not only constitute the biological membrane in the human body, but also the source of choline and fatty acids, which plays a very key role in maintaining the human biological membrane and body metabolism. Lecithin can also prevent and improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, prevent fatty liver, and beautify the skin. But sometimes there are certain side effects, some people will have mild indigestion and diarrhea after taking it, and sometimes cause loss of appetite. Therefore, we must pay attention to the amount of soybean lecithin.
Regular consumption of soybean lecithin can prevent constipation and diabetes in the elderly, but it is necessary to control the amount taken, pay attention to the nutrition of the diet during the medication, eat more fresh vegetables and fruit foods, and avoid eating too much greasy food It is best to eat less spicy food and exercise reasonably.