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The Benefits Of Lecithin For Cats

The normal life span of cats is usually around 15 to 20 years old. Usually cats over 10 years old can be classified as elderly cats. For this part of cats, their vision, hearing and physical strength are all in the decline stage, and often There will be some senile diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. In fact, cats are just like humans. They will become indifferent, indifferent to eating, poor sleep, etc. because of their old age. Then cats at this stage can live in cat eggs. What are the benefits of phospholipids in this product?
First of all, let’s introduce the particle shape and taste of lecithin. Soft particles are more suitable for elderly cats to chew and eat. Due to age, their teeth gradually degenerate and their acceptance of hard substances is declining, but at the same time they need more abundant nutrients. Ingredients support the various consumption of the body, so soft particles and wet food are more suitable for them.

In the old age of cats, the absorption capacity and digestion capacity of the stomach and intestines are no longer the same. They need supplements of nutrients to fill the nutritional gaps. At the same time, the memory of elderly cats is also declining, and they often fail to remember their names, or Forgetting the location of the cat bowl, etc., these are all because of their age. Although lecithin has no cure, it can alleviate these conditions to a large extent, provide more sufficient nutrients for cats, and help them maintain adequate physical strength and energy.