Xylitol CAS 87-99-0
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Xylitol CAS 87-99-0

As a Xylitol CAS 87-99-0 supplier and manufacturer, In-finechem Group has been supplying and exporting Xylitol CAS 87-99-0 from China for almost 10 years, please be assured to buy Xylitol CAS 87-99-0 at In-finechem. Any inquiries and problems please feel free to send emails to us via [email protected], we will reply you within 1 working day.

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Product Description

Xylitol CAS 87-99-0

Xylitol CAS 87-99-0  is one of the popular food additives and ingredients in most countries, As a professionalXylitol supplier and manufacturer, In-finechem Group has been supplying and exportingXylitol from China for almost 10 years, please be assured to buyXylitol at In-finechem. Any inquiries and problems please feel free to send emails to us via [email protected], we will reply you within 1 working day

Xylitol CAS 87-99-0is a naturally occurring carbohydrate, that looks and tastes just like regular table sugar. It is a natural sweetener that can be extracted from any woody fibrous plant material. Commercially it is extracted from renewable resources such as corn cobs, and also from less environmentally sustainable sources such as hardwood. Xylitol also occurs naturally in our bodies - in fact, an average size adult manufactures up to 15 grams of xylitol daily during normal metabolism. Pure xylitol is a white crystalline substance that looks and tastes like sugar.


BP 2000 CP2010 GB1902-2015




White Granular/Spherical/Powder

Test Method


Particle Size

95% pass 80-100mesh



Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Functional Speciality of Xylitol CAS 87-99-0 

Xylitol is a sweetener, nutritional supplement and adjuvant therapy for diabetics: Xylitol is an intermediate in the metabolism of sugar in the body. In the absence of insulin in the body, it affects the metabolism of sugar. It does not require insulin, andxylitol can also Through the cell membrane, it is absorbed and utilized by the tissue to promote the synthesis of glycogen in the liver, for the nutrition and energy of the cells, and does not cause the blood sugar level to rise, eliminating the symptoms of more than three symptoms (multiple food, polydipsia, polyuria) after taking the diabetes. It is the most suitable nutritive sugar substitute for diabetic patients

2.Improve liver
Xylitol can promote the synthesis of hepatic glycogen, blood sugar will not rise, has liver function and anti-fatty liver effect on patients with liver disease, treatment of type B persistent hepatitis, chronic hepatitis B and cirrhosis have obvious curative effect, is hepatitis concurrent The ideal adjuvant for patients with symptoms.

The anti-caries properties of xylitol work best in all sweeteners. First, xylitol cannot be fermented by bacteria that produce dental caries in the mouth, inhibiting the growth of streptococci and the production of acid; secondly, when chewing xylitol It can promote the secretion of saliva. It can wash the bacteria in the mouth and teeth, increase the alkaline amino acid and ammonia concentration in saliva and caries, and slow down the pH in the mouth. And dilution, inhibiting the adsorption of bacteria on the tooth surface, thereby reducing the acid erosion of the teeth, preventing dental caries and reducing the generation of plaque, and consolidating the teeth.

4.lose weight
Xylitol provides energy to the body, synthesizes glycogen, reduces the consumption of protein in fat and liver tissue, protects and repairs the liver, reduces the production of harmful ketone bodies in the human body, and does not worry about eating fat. Can be widely used in food, medicine, light industry and other fields. Xylitol has the advantage of low calories compared to ordinary white sugar - only about 2.4 calories per gram of xylitol, 40% less calories than most other carbohydrates, so xylitol can be applied to each Among the diet foods, as a substitute for high-calorie white sugar.

Bio-xylitol is slowly metabolized in the body, so it does not cause insulin to suddenly rise or fall. Ordinary sugar, xylitol is a natural stabilizer for insulin. After use, food does not increase insulin in the blood. Xylitol also plays. The important role of stabilizing hormones, high levels of insulin will increase estrogen production, causing breast cancer also interferes with the healthy function of the ovary, insulin resistance is an important cause of hormone problems (polycystic ovary syndrome); so reduce insulin levels to It is important not only to resist polycystic ovary syndrome but also to reduce the imbalance of other hormones and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Product Specification Data Sheet of Xylitol CAS 87-99-0





White crystalline powder or granular

Assay ( on dry basis) %


PH Value


Loss on dying %


Heavy Metals (Pb) mg/kg


Melting Range


Ash %


As, mg/kg


Reducing Sugars %


Ribitol and glycerol %


Cont of bacteria cfu/g


Yeast and moulds cfu/g


Coliform MPN/100g



25kg/bag or carton


15MT in 20’FCL without pallets


Easy of storage, keep in the dry and dark place

Package of Xylitol CAS 87-99-0


Payment of Xylitol CAS 87-99-0

L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal

Delivery Time

we often deliver the goods 3-7 working days after received the payment, if small order, maybe 3-5 working days, if a big order, will 7-10 working days, depend on the quantity of the order.

Shipping of Xylitol CAS 87-99-0

By sea or by air.We cooperate with several very professional forwarders, for saving your shipping cost a lot, together with good price flavors products;If you have forwarder in China, the goods can be send to you by your forwarder.

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