Zinc Gluconate CAS 4468-02-4
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Zinc Gluconate CAS 4468-02-4

As a Zinc Gluconate CAS 4468-02-4 supplier and manufacturer, In-finechem Group has been supplying and exporting Zinc Gluconate CAS 4468-02-4 from China for almost 10 years, please be assured to buy Zinc Gluconate CAS 4468-02-4 at In-finechem. Any inquiries and problems please feel free to send emails to us via [email protected], we will reply you within 1 working day.

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Product Description

Zinc Gluconate CAS 4468-02-4

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Chemical Formula


CAS Number


Molecular Weight



Zinc gluconate, this product is a white crystalline or granularity of powder; Odourless, taste slightly astringent. Zinc exists in many of the enzymes, such as carbonic anhydrase, respiratory enzyme, acid lactic acid dehydrogenase, superoxide dismutase (sod), alkaline phosphatase, DNA and RNA enzymes, such as for nucleic acid, protein, carbohydrate synthesis and the use of vitamin A is necessary. Zinc can promote growth and development, improve the role of taste. Zinc occurs when a lack of taste and smell bad, anorexia, below the normal growth and intellectual developmen


Nutrient; Dietary Supplement


white powder


25 kg / 50 lb. bag/drums


Store in a clean, dry warehouse in the original unopened containers


Specification of Zinc Gluconate CAS 4468-02-4









Zinc content:12.0%-14.94% (calculated from assay on as is basis)





11.6% max

11.6% max

Solubility: freely soluble in boiling water(10g in 100ml)

PH value




0.05% max

0.05% max

Bulk density:0.85±0.02g/cm3(Powder)


0.05% max

0.05% max


3ppm max

3ppm max


10ppm max

10ppm max



5ppm max

5ppm max


Reductive material

1.0% max

1.0% max


Organic volatiles

meeting needs



Features of Zinc Gluconate CAS 4468-02-4

1.Uses: new fortifier, zinc powder food fortifier with excellent performance and ideal effect. It is widely used in various kinds of food.

2.Dosage: dairy products, 230-470mg, infant food, 195-545mg, liquid and milk drinks, 40-80mg, cereals and their products, 160-320mg, salt, 800-1000mg;

3.Human zinc normally required% zinc gluconate under 17 years of age: 42 - 70 mg daily, daily 70 adults: 105 mg, 126 mg daily - 70: pregnant women, nursing mothers: Daily 70 - 154 mg.

4.How to use it: pour it directly into the raw material, mix it, or dissolve it in the aqueous solution of the raw material.

5.Attention: This product is fully sealed at normal temperature, avoiding sunlight. It is strictly prohibited to be close to the poisonous and harmful substances, and the shelf life is 12 months.

6.Physical characteristics, according to international GB8820-88

7.Specification standard


Packaging Details of Zinc Gluconate CAS 4468-02-4

1.Packing:25KG/BAG or 25KG Drum, 18MT/1*20'FCLwith pallet and 20MT/20'FCL without pallet.  
2.Delibery: within 10 days after receipt of deposit.  
3.We can supply shipping mark as per customer's request. 
4.We can palletized the cargos if customers need.


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