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What is gear oil?


Gear oil is a kind of important lubricating oil which is based on crude oil industrial lubricating base oil or synthetic lubricating oil, and is added with extreme pressure anti-wear agent and oily agent. It is used for all kinds of gear transmission installation to prevent tooth surface from being worn, scratched, and sintered, etc., to lengthen its warranty period and enhance the efficiency of transfer rate. Gear oil should have excellent anti-wear, load-resistant characteristics and suitable viscosity.

 Gear oil

In addition, it should have excellent thermal oxidation stability, anti-foaming properties, water separation characteristics and anti-rust properties. Since the gear load is usually above 490 megapascals (MPa), and the hyperbolic tooth surface load is as high as hg2942MPa, in order to avoid damage and abrasion of the tooth surface caused by cracking of the oil film, extreme pressure antiwear agents are often added to the gear oil, and sulfur is generally adopted -Phosphorus or sulfur-phosphorus-nitrogen type additives.